At least if you're a great runner who wants to succeed in the long term
The training efficiency constraint is a helpful thought experiment
Because ranting tends to obliterate any effort at nuance and obscures important words, I feel like I should emphasize a few points about yesterday’s…
Public-health messaging has never been more broken
This project is not an effort to change or even make sense of anything, if it ever was
With a bonus font
When someone has to grovel and sell out his friends to preserve "respect" among the Wokish, he proves that there's no point in anyone trying to earn it
Some are more cheerful about the idea than others
Another plausible arrangement of the required parameters
Having kept their jobs or standing despite aggressive, systematic incompetence, the soft-bellied slackers of the running media are inviting the rest of…
A brief illustration of the absurdity of Twitter-bred "debates"
2021 was a nonstop display of self-interested whiners pimping a degenerate social movement to reward each other's lies, errors, and other spastic…