Enough time seems to have passed to safely tell maybe the funniest true first-hand story in my possession
The only beneficiaries of Wokism are well-off, mostly white folks and "token"-style minorities, and double eyerolls to the surprised
This laughingstock of an industry will remain the property of avaricious imbeciles until it finally dies—and today's cultural bonanza-for-bozos, while …
Just trying to fit in, pharmaco-athletically and factwise
Instead of rising to the difficult but straightforward task of honest journalism, today's crop of sad sacks is seeking to normalize the incredibly barr…
Blindly worshiping the sport's professional figures and pretending to be one aren't the only alternatives
Enjoying another self-satisfied chuckle at the artistic license television writers invoke when distance running is involved
When you've wandered past skepticism and into deep caverns of stupidity, why not keep stumbling even further into darkness?
As in every realm of life, it's a complicated question. But yes. And no.
If Satan invented this confederacy of dunces, God's response has been to orchestrate scenarios perfectly designed to embarrass them and expose their mo…
When the development and production processes stall, play with the controls instead.
It's surprisingly hard to convince people that a wallet is not a substitute for talent