No, that's garbage. We get the same "sports isn't supposed to be political, take it somewhere else" here in Iowa over RAGBRAI, which winds through hundreds of miles of territory that sends a vocal white supremacist to Congress cycle after cycle. The race is a celebration of whiteness. I know people who've grown up nonwhite here, moved away to a place less blindingly white, come back for RAGBRAI with sentimental memories, and never come back again after seeing the event from the POV of somewhere else. I'm not even a visible minority and I wouldn't feel particularly safe in some of the small towns the event winds through.

So is talking about THE FACT THAT THE EVENT IS BY AND FOR WHITE DUDES GOING WOO-HOO HALF NAKED UNDER A STREET SHOWER political? No. No, it is not. It is about the event and who it squeezes to the side and tells oh sure, anyone can join, while refusing to acknowledge a blatant truth: the event organizers are going to make it feel like garbage. Sure, if you like garbage, here's an all-you-can-eat buffet at 90 miles a day, and we're not going to admit that you are in some danger in some of the places we've taken the event through, because this territory is chock full of out-loud racists, and we're not going to protect you or speak up about it.

Am I glad that the day of the Kevins is nearly over, sure. Sure I am. Real glad. I'm sure the next crew will have plenty of its own problems, and I'm a little annoyed that I'm old enough that you and I will die around the same time and I won't really get to experience the post-Kevin world, because I know you'll go out screaming about how hard done by you are, how attacked by wokery, while clutching all the toys you can still carry, but at least I know the kids will be shut of the complaints of the Kevins. And that's a nice thought.

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The post you're responding to is almost a year and a half old, and its focus is a systematic effort to wrongly smear Mr. Cantrell as racist. Are you even aware of that? If so, do you materially dispute anything in my account of the situation?

Perhaps you think a bunch of cunts from Outside and elsewhere enthusiastically trying to ruin Cantrell's life is OK because of some unofficial bike race between pig-farmers and sheep-fuckers (or maybe it's the other way around) that Cantrell has nothing to do with and no one besides you has even heard of.

Where have I seen that reasoning before? Oh yeah -- from white people all over the country (but mostly in rural Goergia) who think it's OK to adopt broadly racist stances because they have been victims of crimes committed by black people, or have merely heard from a trusted relative that black people are crooked by nature. That kind of stereotyping has long been considered uncool, so flipping the script just makes the script-flipper racist. This is not hard stuff to suss out.

If Steve King (the scarier one) were tossed into a woodchipper, the world would be an incrementally happier place. But if you really think my whole post has no merit, you heroically resisted addressing its factual issues in your impassioned, scattershot diatribe.

An anonymous commenter here eagerly looking forward to me being dead is no surprise. But hear this -- in the meantime. I have completely withdrawn all concern for things I actively supported for decades. Abortion rights? Who cares - your pussy, your problem. You say white people are innately flawed (the "whiteness" label)? Then fuck you, I'm too dumb to waddle to the polls anymore and wouldn't know what to do once I got there, so no more pulling the lever for actual social causes. Et cetera. And lots of "disposable" people like me feel exactly the same way. Democrats are going to get shithoused in the midterms in November and have no fucking idea it's coming or why.

You say you feel scared? Good. Anyone who supports liars in the media, or anywhere, doesn't deserve to feel secure im society, because such people are champions of instability by definition.

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Sure. That's fine. Keep talking about how racist everyone is about white people and how oppressed and curdled and self-disenfranchised you are and how it's all these lefty fuckers' fault. I'm just watching the calendar pages peel off and blow away. Of course the Dems are done in November. Everyone knows this. I'm still not worried. Why?

That ol' calendar. I haven't been worried about any of this since, oh, 2017 or so. There I am, looking at a generational population chart, and there's this funny thing that drops out of it: assuming voting means anything by then, Boomers and rump Boomers, meaning white GenX men, great babies the lot of you, vanish from relevance by around 2028 at the latest. All done. And if voting no longer means anything? Meh. Messy and ugly, but good luck against the numbers anyhow.

I fully expect the kids will go too far and travel some roads we already know are bad ones. On the whole, though, I like 'em. Practical people. A little heartbreakingly modest in their expectations and hopes. They've seen too much already for people their age, and I think that on the whole they'll do better by us than we deserve. I might get roughed up along the way, and like any young people they'll see where the oldies are and not where they've been, but I think the country will come out better for what they do in sum.

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Yeah, I get it. You think I think like you do -- that I exist in perpetual victim mode, and that I blame any personal sadness on the cultural shitshow I'm watching.

In fact, most of it doesn't affect me personally. If some mentally ill chick like Chase "trans women are biological women" Strangio decides to take enough testosterone to grow the equivalent of a dead caterpillar on her upper lip, and starts calling herself a man, well, kiss the ACLU goodbye. But at some level, society elevating a pure fuckin' freak like that to a position of power is kind of funny.

Ditto Latoya Snell, whom I suspect you just might know, and who was last seen celebrating an REI deal by photographing herself taking a 45-minute shit and blaming it on another nonexistent disease.

Is she a shameless, borderline special-needs Instagram mascot? Is she fucking gross? Is she a liar? Yes to all of that -- it's the whole point of her flabby and dilapidated display. But the fact that she and a small number of her sedentary but brown or sexually deviant (statistically speaking) peers are being thrown some free gear -- all so that white CEOs can feel better about themselves and their shitty companies -- doesn't keep me from running or doing anything else.

I'm sorry to inform you that she's not actually gaining anything but weight in the long term, and, as much as I hate to say it, I'll probably still be running every day after Latoya dies of complications of diabetes, cirrhosis, or other plagues of excessive self-indulgence combined with bum genetics. And most of all, her "fans" will forget about her as soon as that happens -- you know damn well how insincere most of her white cheerleaders are, I'm sure.

I also get that, absent any sense or sanity in whatever you consider your personal politics, you prefer to imagine a basic breeding war between ethnic groups getting you and yours to wherever you think you ought to be. Charming! But you seem aware that those old white fucks with all the money, people I also hate, are already planning ways to mess with the shifting demographics and negate whatever votes they prefer to not count.

Thankfully, I won't be around for those festivities. Go ahead and give your own crotch another fist-bump while fantasizing about that prospect, but you should be praying you won't be, either.

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So I'm reading this and thinking holy shit, Doug Adams died decades too young, and then I look you up and find you write for Runners' World and I'm fucking breathless with the laughter, holy shit, where tf is Yasso. Like Gutfeld wasn't enough.

If you ever find your way out of that closet you're in, bring shades, you're going to be blinded by the sunlight

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Feb 2, 2022·edited Feb 2, 2022Liked by Kevin Beck

Dude, you sound like the brainless evangelical christians I grew up around - spouting doctrinal dogmas that mean nothing (whiteness?) I used to live in Council Bluffs and that dickweed Steve King is a real asshole, but this absurd use of "whiteness" as a slur misunderstands racial disparities (it isn't all racism, especially not contemporary racism) and trades in simplistic race reductionism. And Steve King lost his last race. You don't seriously think any black people doing RAGBRAI are in danger of being beaten and murder in some Iowa backwater do you? I live in Tallahasssee, FL and more black people are murdered here in a month in my black neighborhood than in the whole state of Iowa (guess what ethnicity the murderers are?). You know, you don't just have two choices - pseudo-lefty critical race theory religion or right wing head in the sand bullshit. A whole range of far more subtle and accurate ways of thinking about race than this obsession with disparities as defacto evidence of extant racism and white supremacy.

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I can't tell you how funny this was when it came through -- I'd been going to write about the complaints of the "Kevins and Brians and Daves and..." but figured "Kevins" would do. As if on cue, a Brian. Welcome!

I also love that whiteness is apparently now a "doctrinal dogma" and that you believe that people have a portal to 1991, where they go to read critical anything theory. Ftr, "whiteness" above is not a slur. Used 100% straight down the middle. Y'all white as white can be. I found it positively eerie when I first moved here, though I will say that parts of the state are much less like the inside of a blizzard than they were when I got here, which I count as an improvement. The Brigadoon quality's faded some, too. But I still do have trouble telling one 6'3" blond girl from another.

Your murder comparisons are ridiculous.

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Feb 6, 2022Liked by Kevin Beck

You've got to be a Lie'Toya fan boi, at minimum, with your bizarre hollow rants and obsession with skin color. It warms my heart that Kevin's words are getting to you. Please, continue. 🍿🍿🍿🍿

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A what now? Let me guess, it's someone whose genitals you're obsessing over. You guys must be struggling mightily in the world of running these days. Like showing up in Boston in '67 and finding nothing but a sea of Switzers.

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Just so you know--and this really is funny--when you report a comment for removal on Substack, the report goes to the admin of the blog in question for approval or deletion.

This isn't Facebook, Instagram, Threads, or Twitter, where such reports go to peers eager to aid the censorship quests of the inherently weak -- pink-haired biology-deniers, racists of color, and so on.

Anyone who uses the word "whiteness" identifies themselves as a racist by any standard. If I were as fragile as you are, I would have deleted every comment you posted as soon as they appeared. But despite, in theory, having even more incentive to delete them now, I honestly don't care.

You may want to confine yourself to sites where you can be an anonymous, resentment-driven hypocrite all day long and not experience the pain of other people speaking their minds.

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I would ordinarily observe at this point that you keep blatantly changing the subject, but I've concluded that your flight of wild ideas throughout this thread is, despite your primary status as a chortling shit-stirrer, not a journey you intended to take or can necessarily even control the path of.

1, Normal people are not "obsessed with the genitals" of anyone; trans activists, on the other hand, are obsessed with pretending that the differences between males and female bodies that they and the rest of us can see with their own eyes don't exist.

A young child can easily understand what Wokish adults reveling in butthurt refuse to accept. Wokism is a pudding-flinging, wailing, crybaby movement to the core, and you exemplify this perfectly.

2. I've met Katharine Switzer, and think it's great someone got to be the first woman in the Boston Marathon, however long that took. It strains credulity that you actually think someone would be opposed to women running in marathons just because they dislike the effects of mentally ill Twitter loudmouths, racist "antiracist" people of all hues, course-cutters, and people who lie about their training, and dishonest journalists. 

(Yeah, I know. You only give a fuck about bad behavior that affects YOU, including invented offenses.)

3. Are you posting this shit from a psychiatric nursing home?  If not, welcome to your future. Because even though what you're doing here is just another cowardly, long-overdue trolling expedition, you really ought to be supervised when you use anything that needs to be plugged in even occasionally.

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Mar 8, 2022Liked by Kevin Beck

I'd challenge you to find any evidence of genitals with a BMI of 54 (and rising). That's a lot of self-inflicted adipose tissue to sift through in order to worry about genitals. Oppression Olympics? Fraud? Blatant lies? An evil, manipulating worthless waste of air? Taking precedence over legitimate, hard working athletes who deserve credit and race entries? If you call that obsessing... maybe look in the mirror if you're supporting a face anus like that.

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It never stops being funny watching massively entitled guys like you on the ropes screaming about deserving credit just because someone else gets some for a change. The full-body knicker-twist over the rules changing and the credit going elsewhere...like to people who haven't had any before...it's amazing. And it's always the same slice of guys. Afraid of other guys, in a perpetual scramble to keep up with their paranoid ideas about what keeps them in the pack instead of out in the cold, generally desperate about life, and almost totally blind to the good things and massive advantages they have. Same dudes who've convinced themselves that women pass them by because they're not rich enough or tall enough or jacked enough, rather than because they walk around with a neon sign flashing TROUBLE AND NOT THE FUN KIND, or are just mean and boring.

I don't care whether someone else is fat or not, but wow, do you have a lot invested there. If I were younger, and did care more, I'd probably look up this person you're obsessed with, but neh.

Completely non-flippantly: have you considered therapy? Your problems here are exactly the kind of thing therapy works well for. You might even wind up happy with yourself instead of beating yourself up all the time.

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