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I love the thought exercise (and subsequent application) about how to train with realistic constraints. This one actually really caught my attention because I am right around this performance level. I ran a 1:01:59 15k in late March. Fairly flat, but windy. Still a good, honest race. I have been averaging upper 30s/low 40s in mileage, but have had 7-8 day segments that went a little higher. Most recently was 100 miles and 14 out of 15 days running. I feel fitter than in March.

Anyway, I have an hour tops most days owing to three kiddos and a marriage I would like to keep. And low and behold I am training for a goal 10 miler on June 18. I am able to run on the course on Saturdays and plan to use that faster finish long run you suggest. Teach the body and mind to close those last 2.4 miles hard. The last turn on the course is exactly that far from the finish. This race is hilly, hot and humid. Including a big one at 4.25 we call the Dream Killer. My first one in 2009 was 1:36:20 and last year I ran a 1:12:23. Realistic goal range I think is 1:07-1:09 this year.

Curious what else you might put in for Tuesday as I don't have time to get to a track most weeks. I was thinking some fartlek like 8x2' w/2' or 10x2' w/1:30'. Also really liked Mona Fartlek in the past. Get through all the gears, but leaves you fresh.

Thanks again for writing this!


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Seven hours is marginally over what I have time for in a good week these days. I haven't raced in two years and have little idea what pace I could run in a race now -- at 67 I am in the steep decline in speed range, so past results are little use. But here's what my current "ideal" week would look like (and over the past few years I have often come reasonably close to it, except during periods of injury):

Monday: 30 minutes (5-minute warm-up, 25-minute tempo run)

Tuesday: 45 minutes steady

Wednesday: 70 minutes of some kind of relatively short speedwork (I usually do hills, but you have nixed those)

Thursday: 45 minutes steady

Friday: 75 minutes at a good pace

Saturday: 35 minutes easy

Sunday: 120 minutes

All runs are in the late afternoon, except for Sunday, which is early morning and so gives my longest rest between then and Monday's tempo.

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Lol, this hits close to home as an old person with 7-8 hours per week (5:45/20:30/42:30). After a pretty disappointing marathon debut, I was considering something like a Pfitzinger 18/55. There’s also this bit of wisdom from the author that I sometimes return to (paraphrased): “…the body is not a mathematical equation, able to average out your workouts to your goal. You need to be regularly covering 1/3 to 2/3 of your goal distance at your goal pace.” I’m assuming that’s for those who are able to invest more time though?

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