Mar 24, 2023Liked by Kevin Beck

Did you see Gladwell getting embarrassed by Matt Taibbi. Any respect I had for Gladwell vanished after seeing that…

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Yeah, I buried I link to that up there in the rest of my blaring.

I can't stand the combination of arrogance, a quasi-distinguished appearance, and conscious dissembling. He has as much integrity as Latoya. Less, given that at least she probably needs the money.

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You could see the hammer getting ready to come down on him when he kept calling Douglas Murray "Doug." The minute Douglas responded with "Well, Mal..." I knew Gladwell was about to get his ass handed to him, not that he didn't embarrass himself before that, but that was the nail in the coffin.

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Kevin Beck

The entire thing just solidified that he is a petty person that is incapable of handling a challenge.

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