This piece is incredible. I enjoyed peak performance and read a couple more of their books but the tireless allegiance to the wrong people and unwillingness or inability to examine their own biases delegitimizes their whole operation and turned me off. To Steve's credit, he has spoken against allowing men to compete as women in the past. But masquerading as "unbiased" and presenting only "evidence-based facts" to arrive at nearly exclusively left-wing conclusions invokes strong scents of bullshit. Relatively recently Brad still spoke of how he wears masks in public to make others feel more comfortable. Not someone I'll be seeking for guidance on physical or mental health strategies.

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Someone who wears masks in public to make people feel better has as much business telling people how to better themselves as someone on "The View" does. He's either ignorant about masking (and Stulberg does seem completely ignorant about all things covid) or willing to do something strictly to be better liked.

An obvious people-pleaser slinging self-betterment ideas is by definition a walking contradiction. He's just a fraud, a Tony Robbins who puts things more baroquely. And if he's as far behind on the various grim realities of the entire "pandemic," he has a functional scientific IQ in the high 70s and should be calmly told his advice is useless until he accepts it. Which, being determinedly on the wrong track, he won't.

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Thank you for all of this information. The adverse events data is particularly helpful, I’ve tried searching for this stuff many times but, quite frankly, I don’t have the analytical skills or understanding of this data that you do, so it’s very, very helpful. When talking to friends around here, all good liberals and so sure of the goodness of their elected officials, I’ve wanted to cite some of the studies that have come out but it’s difficult to do, so I just shut my mouth because I don’t want to get into an argument or disagreement with people I genuinely like. I consider myself one of those “silently disenfranchised” that you continue to reassure with your work. I’m resigned to let it eat me away.

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