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I just don't get how any of this is hard. Transwomen have gender dysphoria - they are not women. They are often helped by people considering their plight and accommodating them socially we should do that.But it isn't an open-ended thing. I am all for gender bending decadence - anything that pisses off the Baptists is alright by me - but natal sex matters in some areas. I started working on a paper for Areo but haven't gotten back to it that our model for dealing with "sincerely held gender identity beliefs' should be the same as "sincerely held religious beliefs" - we can't discriminate against people's beliefs, it is nice and correct not to piss on them when they aren't weaponzing them, but we don't have to believe along with them. The obvious point here is no transmen are looking for access to male spaces where there are stakes. Show me the transman (natal female), arrested for a felony, who says "damnit - I am a man, you better send me to the men's prison!" That just won't happen.

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Kevin, as I read the 2019 Gina Kolata article you linked, she seems to say quite clearly that testosterone *does* give track athletes an advantage. She quotes experts saying "An androgenized body has a performance advantage" and that the gap between elite male and female athletes' performance is "quite wide," which she attributes to the higher levels of testosterone in male bodies.

In the last portion of the article she nods to the ongoing question about what should be done about that performance difference, and I suppose that one could criticize that discussion for its brevity or its choice of viewpoints. But I don't see the linked article as a good example of anyone "lying their tits off" about the effects of testosterone, as you conclude. Perhaps you had other articles in mind when writing today's newsletter; your assertion was that "multiple soldiers" at the NY Times had written false articles on the subject (though you single Kolata out for particular criticism.)

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