Competitive running

Topics you might have found in a running magazine ten-plus years ago.

Aouita remains among the few at his level whose desire to win included a willingness to defy the supposed limitations on his own competitive range
On Saturday, Gary Martin of Archbishop Wood High School, found in the north Philadelphia suburbs, became the fourteenth U.S. high-school runner to break…
"Our correspondence presented a dilemma. How does one return letters from John Steinbeck?"
Another hometown record chase, the 10,000m races at Payton Jordan, what it takes to be a 1-percenter in Philadelphia, and being made a proud uncle…
We* also need to move past ideas like "He never ate anyone in front of me, so his athletes would never dope"
Also, the key parts of the story Tucker omitted from his work for
Also, qualifying races for the Olympic Marathon Trials should be restricted to loop courses
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