Personal essays

Gripes and grandiloquence that may not interest people who don't know me and don't care to.

Avoiding alcohol comes with no guarantees of personal or external sanity, but drinking is still about the ugliest way there is to kill yourself
Dispatches from a study in the carefree expansion of automobile-reliant sprawl
With society fragmented into hate-groups operating in various private realities, is anyone really surprised that kids feel as fucked up as they look?
Numbers may not tell the entire story in team sports, but they add up to a narrative every fan wants: Faster, stronger, more coordinated bodies
Rosie nearly scores a shorthanded goalWatch now (19 sec) | A brief introduction to Substack's new video feature
"It's all fake news! More love for all lives!" screams a citizenry enslaved by media deception and the gruesome allure of eternal divisiveness, micro…
Warfare is not a misanthrope's dream, but his most validating nightmare. And it's been successfully packaged in 2022 as a version of March Madness
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