This space features a more journalistic approach to running topics than was the case on my Blogspot blog, which I discontinued in August 2020 (I imported those posts into the archive here).

I served for over a decade as a senior writer for Running Times (later absorbed into Runner’s World) and have written about various aspects of competitive running for over 20 years. I’m also largely responsible for this book. Along the way, I finished 28th at the Boston Marathon in a time of 2:24:17, somehow good enough to beat all but six Americans that day.

I coached high-school track and cross-country for a few years in my home state of New Hampshire, and in 2002 was commissioned by two-time U.S. Olympic marathoner Pete Pfitzinger to build him, or us, a coaching site—then among the only Internet haunts offering everyday runners coaching and other guidance.

In recent years, I moved from skeptical to contemptuous about the sport’s self-appointed and self-absorbed visionaries, to whom likes and clicks at any expense are paramount not merely from a career perspective, but as a personal guiding principle. This has led many ostensibly smart people to check their intellects at the door of their banal opinion columns and tweets.

In addition to writing about whatever I feel like, I review what the fitness media puts out, usually unkindly since this is akin to documenting an intentional shipwreck.

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The strides and stumbles of the people and media covering track and field


Former senior writer for Running Times, editor of "Run Strong." Writing here mostly about the media coverage of track and field and distance running, with a smattering of semi-random musings and reflections.